We are a community of creative freelancers, connecting GOOD people with great opportunities.

At our core, we’re driving diversity, seeking new ways of thinking across our community, and supporting creative freedom, letting our values shape a new, more collaborative model, away from traditional recruitment platforms and representation agencies.



Our team is committed to supporting you in finding freelance or permanent talent for your project or team. We take pride in collaborating with clients such as Nike, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Random Studio, Loop Earplugs, On-Running, and more.


Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed by a GOODList curator. Our diverse network of global curators are an integral part of our community. They select who will be added, either on our site, in relevant client lists, or in our larger offline database, and will contact you once a relevant freelance opportunity arises.



For those who regularly hire freelancers at all levels, we build you your own GOODList. Your freelance lists are truly unique to your brand and its culture. They’re also exclusive, your own creative community and pipeline of resources for current and future projects.


Designed to support those seeking a one-off freelance or permanent hire. We will introduce you to a shortlist of talent options, curated to your resourcing needs.

Studio TEAMS

When businesses require a new internal creative team or are building a studio, GOODList curators collaborate extensively to find the right fit from our community.

Our site is curated with only a small number of our freelance community. Please reach out if we can support you in your search.